WinterJoints volumes 1&2…physical and remaster..

Both volumes are available now for purchase or stream via YouTube, spotiy or any other music streaming service…

These volume of beats will be re-mastered and physical editions with additional bonus tracks on both editions. Date will be annouced soon. A double CD of 32 beats.

Each edition is very unique in the way they were created, produced, mixed and mastered. Sampling plays a heavy

and meldoic foundation for both. One clean, one dirty. Different Drum Machines, and routing for mastering and tracking.

Original synth tracks added to volume 2 was a forecast of the next volume…..

Volume 3….will contain mainly original tracks from various keyboard synths, accompanied by the MPC 1000….for the entire album….thanks and peace…

((Winter Joints 2)) Jan. 4th

Annual release of winter joints series volume 2. Available on YouTube…and all other digital platforms…

First plans was to release this wonderful project in November or December. After the partial completion, and vital mixing and mastering process, the project was re-opened to add additional elements to ensure a great sounding well balanced album.

No rushing, and no incomplete releases.

Hope you enjoy went it drops…

Winter Joints 3 is already in the work.

Next up is Instrumentals volume 3….

Peace…stay safe and free…..