MPC 3000, 2000XL, 1000, Akai s3000XL, Sp 404SX, Akai Synthesizer, Korg Micro Arranger, Behringer Compressor (Mastering) Equalizer, exciter, Dual effects rack virtualizer (4x) fx2000,Yahmaha Monitors, Mackie Monitors, Tascam Dp-24 Dp-32, Protools, Mbox Pro…korg Monologue…Roland Juno Ds, Warm Audio 76 compressor, 2 UA 1176 Audio Interfaces, 2 SSL Interfaces 4k.

Warm audio compressor, SSL/UA Interfaces,
WLH SIC SNARE’S custom MPC 1000 fat face jjos system…and this is currently the volume 3 release main weapon.
Vailixi….self explanatory….sampling and midi combinations.
Fully replaced almost every part in this machine. Its a love thing….MPC 2000XL with Zip Drive. Its a gritty machine.
For all vinyl sampling…
My keyboards..all with synth capabilities. The midi combination is perfect for what I need to do. All routed into exciter, harmonizer and virtualizer 2000 effects rack.
Outboard rack, suited for Drum Machines and synthesizer routing. The dual virtualizers have tape, echo, eq…stereo width…everything in an effects rack. There will be a third at some point.
Just going in…
Dp 24 linked with outboard rig…

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