Starting out under the Production imprint Dunnezy Productions/SicsnareMusic, now (WLH), started out making beats on analog drum machines after years of inspiration from jazz, soul, r&b and hip hop greats that has spanned from the late 60’s into the early 90’s. Working with local talent in the west Brighton part of Staten island in new york city, WLH was able to work on his craft and gain extensive studio experience with many artist who had been formerly signed and were a force in Staten island’s hip-hop scene. Recording with Cue Trax, MGP, stelf Bombz, and Bomb Official, led to producing on chapels (complex mind album), and Dom Pachino’s Operation War-face compilation album which featured many underground hip-hop legends. He produced the albums lead title (Operation Warface) song and one of the best songs on the album “Gangsta Musik”. At around the same time, he was fortunate to work with and produce for one of Staten islands most recognizable artist cue trax. Still focusing on production techniques and the mixing side of the recording process, WLH began to expand his equipment setup in preparation to focus on a bigger, better sound. As fortune would turn up in the form of a beat CD which was given to Elijah (“doe bligg”), he shared to beat cd with a Brooklyn artist Famoso, who at the time was working with Hard times Records. He used 2 beats on his debut mixtape “Audio Dope”. The mixtape featured some hiphop heavyweights. Producing a quality song featuring Termanalogy and another uptempo synthesized song titled “Fiyahmoso”.

He continued to produce and work on his craft leading to additional opportunities with placements on additional Dom pachino albums, underground mix-tapes, including producing mixing and arranging a mix tape that was like a soundtrack to west Brighton “Welcome to SINY city”. The mix tape was later re-released under chamber musik special products (Thrice Great).

In 2016 while working on original material for WLH Records releases a reconnection with Dom Pachino of killarmy lead to Executive Producing his Gemini Mind Album, and producing numerous tracks over 5 albums for the Killarmy/Wu-tang lyricist record label Napalm Recordings. Including an additional 4 Instrumental Albums Independently on WLH Records.

To be continued…

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