Volume 3…..

A brief update…….(I/WLH REC) have decided not to release material containing samples due to creative, publishing and royalty reasons. Sample beats will be released free of charge on our producer YouTube page and via download here @ WLHREC. I have have been working on all original material for singles and melodic synth based production. It was very important to our founder to build a catalog with true originality. We (I) love hiphop and sampling is a key factor but for us having the ability to step outside the “box” of common beat/production practices would produce better results. This shift also opens the door for more collaboration with artist such as bass players, guitarist, and many other creatives.

***An update….to this update********  I have been creating, refining, mixing, experimenting, deleting, adding……swapping out reverb units, added some new gear to the rig, and a new recording console. It’s a process that’s taking much longer than expected creatively intentionally. There are many  ideas, grooves, and  melodic percussive materials to release on the next project.  Just deciding what fits and flows cohesively. Almost there…….stay tuned, stay safe….

Tascam DP-32, lexicon and Beringer effects rack.


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